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Almar company has long tradition in supplying the spare parts for machine tools. In our offer you can find spare parts not only for polish machine tools such as: Fat, Defum, Poreba, Cegielski, Jotes but also german, czech, bulgarian, russian and other producers.

We offer :

  • Clutches and brakes: electromagnetic single-disc clutches, electromagnetic multi-disc clutches, electromagnetic toothed clutches, mechanic multi-disc clutches and hydraulic clutches.
  • Gear wheels: bevel gears, cylidnrical gears, transmissions.
  • Power hydraulic: pressure dividers, non- return valves, control-valves, pressure valves, hydroaccumulators, bladder, filler, measurment tools, filters, high-pressure conduit, pumps, pump units, hydraulic engines.
  • Screws, mandrels, sleeves, shafts, spindles: pull screws with nuts , ball screws ,smooth, straight.